"Model Mountain" specialises in the design of affordable, hand-crafted, topographic relief models of mountains, islands and other landscapes.

With over 30 years of model making experience, I work closely with you to produce an eye-catching, practical design to meet your individual requirements.

model mountain ramsey island

The RSPB wardens Lisa and Greg Morgan and Mike Matthewson with the model in the visitor centre on Ramsey Island . visit site

These finely detailed sculptures are clearly interpreted; no need for energy demanding projectors and hi-tech computers!

The potential benefits to you of a Model Mountain terrain include ...

Visitor Centres
.. displaying geographical information clearly

Expedition and Adventure Specialists
... planning and logistics support

Retail Outlets
... impressive marketing displays

Walkers, Climbers and Mountaineers
... a totally unique gift!

Teachers and Presenters
... educational and environmental topics

Visually impaired
... learning and interest

Model Mountain Ramsey Island

"Thanks again for the model,
it really is excellent and visitors love it"

(Greg Morgan, RSPB Warden, Ramsey Island)

Model Mountain's collaboration with the Eden Project Green Foundation scheme emphasises a commitment to a low carbon footprint and assures you of a responsible environmental stance.

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model mountain eiger

The Eiger model

"a fine display of your skills"
Mountaineer and Writer Joe Simpson

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Low Carbon Footprint

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